Straus Home Ranch Wedding, Marshall CA

I love wedding fusions and when people bring the wedding traditions from different countries together. Sometimes it might be as big as doing two different ceremonies, or doing a tea ceremony in a morning and have mariachi playing at your reception, but sometimes it might be smaller things.

Well the traditions that Hannah and John picked were just perfect.

Since Hannah’s family is from Norway, couple decided to replace a regular wedding cake with a traditional 18 layer Norwegian tower cake called Kransekake. 

Instead of cake cutting couple picks up the top ring and breaks it together.

The rest of the cake is broken into pieces and served to everyone.

The other tradition comes from the groom’s Swedish side. During the reception when the bride leaves the room all men line up to kiss the groom. And when the groom leaves the room all women get up and kiss the the bride. That part was so much fun! Everyone running to bride or groom to get their kiss before their spouse comes back, but women weren’t to sneaky because they left bunch a lipstick marks all over John’s face which looked priceless.

When Hannah and Jon told me that they are getting married at Straus Home Ranch I was very happy to revisit the venue, because I photographed there a very intimate wedding few years ago. This time the wedding was supposed to be much bigger and to accommodate weddings this size owner converted an old red barn to a reception hall. 

Seeing the previous condition of that barn I have to say I was quite skeptical, but oh may I was surprised. Check it out for your self!






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