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When should we schedule our engagement session?

It's never too early to schedule your engagement session! If you are planning to use the photos for "Save the Date" cards I would recommend doing the session at least 5 months before the wedding. Most couples send out their cards around 4 months before the wedding which leaves a few weeks for editing and ordering cards. Let me know around 1 to 2 months in advance that you are ready to schedule the session. Due to limited availability on weekends all engagement sessions are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


What time of year do you recommend for engagement photos?

Spring is my favorite time of the year to photograph engagement sessions. Everything is starting to bloom and turn green, which is a prime time for sessions in a natural setting like fields, forests or on a farm. The lighting conditions are also great in spring; you can photograph almost all day since the sun doesn't travel so high like during the summer.


What if it rains?

If you scheduled your engagement session during winter/spring months and a week before your session you see a high chance of rain let me know about your concerns. We may be able to reschedule it. I have photographed in extreme conditions before, including a sand storm and a hail storm! So I'm open to any conditions, but I totally understand if "soaking wet" is NOT the "look" you are going for. :)


Where do you recommend we have the session?

San Francisco Bay Area offers amazing variety of locations, from urban cityscape to beaches, trails and forests, cafes, parks and amazing architecture, but the best location for the session would be the one that has a meaning to YOU, or describes you as a couple. Maybe the place where he/she proposed or where you like to spend your Sunday afternoons.... or maybe you just moved in together and it would be fun to take some photos at your new apartment filled with boxes :) If you’re still not sure give me a call and I will help you pick a great location, I know places :)


How many photos can we expect from the engagement session?

On average I deliver 100 photos from each hour photographed. This also applies to weddings. Considering that a photo session is 1 to 1.5 hours long you can expect between 100-150 edited photos. Photos will be delivered electronically via password protected Online Gallery and you will be able to download them straight to your computer.


What’s the turnaround time for the photos?

The average turnaround time is 2 weeks, but If we end up scheduling the session in the middle of the wedding season it might go up to 4 weeks.


How to get ready for an engagement session?

Try to dress your best, but don't wear something your would never wear. What you wear should help enhance your best features, and make the focus be about you. Wear outfits that complement each other, without getting too “matchy matchy." For example, if one of you decides to wear something with pattern, the other could wear a shirt / top / dress in a solid color from that pattern. If you can’t make a decision between two outfits bring both of them, as long as you are OK with changing in the back of the car :) If you are planning the session in San Francisco, be aware that the weather is unpredictable, and it can get quite windy or cold at some locations, so bring an additional layer, scarf, extra jacket or blanket for some snuggly photos. Wear shoes that are comfortable, or at least bring them with you. You can switch between your fancy shoes and your comfortable ones. You don’t want to give out 30 minutes into the session because your feet are killing you. Bring a few makeup and hair essentials plus a little mirror to fix shininess on your skin or to touch up lips. I will be there to let you know if something is off, but nobody knows better than you how you like your hair done.



If you’re in doubt, and if it’s within your budget, GO FOR IT, because I will get a close up shot of that ring.





-1 to 1 1/2 hour session at an outdoor location
-All High Resolution Digital Files
-Online Gallery
-Rights to the Photos
-$100 discount toward one of the Wedding Photo Packages

"Save the Date" Session


-30 minute session at selected location*
-30 High Resolution Digital Files
-Online Gallery
-Rights to the Photos

-$50 discount toward one of the Wedding Photo Packages

* "Save the Date" sessions are available at Heritage Park in Castro Valley, Alviso Adobe Park in Pleasanton, and Garin Park in Hayward. All engagement session availability limited to Mondays - Fridays.

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