Simply Elegant San Francisco Wedding, Flood Mansion

I met Reilly and Brandt on the day of their wedding reception at Flood Mansion, San Francisco. They recently came back from Ireland where they eloped and were so excited to celebrate with their family and friends.

Reilly looked stunning in her dress, with simple up-due hairstyle looked like she just walked out of a fashion photo shoot. Brandt looked great too LOL. 

They were so casual, calm and fun in the same time, it definitely didn’t felt like a wedding. After brief photos of the venue and decor we proceed with photos of the couple while we still had a most of the venue to ourself. Flood Mansion offers so many photo opportunities, starting with outdoor courtyard surrounded by elaborate expression of Classical Revival architecture, rooms filled with art and beautiful natural light, and last but not least the balcony over looking Marina District with Golden Gate in a background. 


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