Engagement Session at Borges Ranch, Walnut Creek

What a day! Its been raining on and off for the last few days, but I did not expected the weather like this….

The day started with beautiful blue sky, which turned to a rain storm with hail and back to sun.  I can photograph in rough conditions, but as I was standing on a pasture in a middle of hailing storm I was hoping the couple will cancel … I guess my clients are more adventurous than I was suspecting :)

After the second hail storm Devon and Ben arrived at Borges Ranch, and the sun came out from behind the dark clouds. We got 40 minutes of camera time before the rain came back and we had to hide in car.  This was my first time meeting these love birds so it worked out quite well, we had a chance to talk about some different photo ideas and their wedding.

The sun decided it will give us another shot so after a quick outfit change we were back to play and got some awesome photographs around the ranch.

I had in my car some cute umbrellas in case we weren’t that lucky, but I will take this sunset over anything.


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