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Planning a wedding in era of coronavirus

The world around us has taken a long pause due to the Covid-19 Virus and has resulted with most of us are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. While the essential business are still operating, the wedding industry has stopped in it’s tracks. All events have been cancelled or postponed to near… or far…

Baker Beach Wedding, San Francisco

Check out this beautiful California beach wedding! Jade and Daniel got married on a beautiful October day on a popular beach in San Francisco, right in front of Golden Gate Bridge. Can you imagine a better backdrop for this intimate ceremony?  

Should I Hire Two Photographers for my Wedding Day?

I heard that if a couple can survive wedding planning and a house remodel they can survive anything! Planning even a small and casual wedding can be overwhelming, couples are faced with lots of decisions, how many guest, which venue, which photographer, flowers, catering, cake or cupcakes, or maybe donuts? A lot of times they…

Wedding at Marine’s Memorial Club and Hotel, San Francisco

I had a pleasure photographing both Brittany and Michael’s wedding…yes, two :) Their weddings were exactly 1 year apart, both on December 29. Thats how you make sure you remember your wedding anniversary! Their first one was at San Francisco City Hall, and they looked amazing so I wasn’t quite sure how are they gonna…

Straus Home Ranch Wedding, Marshall CA

I love wedding fusions and when people bring the wedding traditions from different countries together. Sometimes it might be as big as doing two different ceremonies, or doing a tea ceremony in a morning and have mariachi playing at your reception, but sometimes it might be smaller things. Well the traditions that Hannah and John…