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Engagement session at Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

A lot of couples ask me “Where is a good place to take engagement photos?       There are ton of locations in San Francisco Bay Area that would fit the description of a beautiful place for the photo session, but which one should you choose? Let’s go to the place that has a…

Photography Session at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Look at these two! So cute and in love. You would think it’s an engagement session… but not at all. These two are seasoned husband and wife and I know, because I photographed their wedding years ago. Life through them all the way to DC, but that didn’t took California out of them, so for…

Engagement Session at Borges Ranch, Walnut Creek

What a day! Its been raining on and off for the last few days, but I did not expected the weather like this…. The day started with beautiful blue sky, which turned to a rain storm with hail and back to sun.  I can photograph in rough conditions, but as I was standing on a…