Why San Francisco City Hall is the best venue for couples on a budget?

Why San Francisco City Hall is the best venue for couples on a budget?

Ok, so he or she popped a question and you said Yes, congratulations! You started day dreaming about your unforgettable Big Day, but paying off wedding debt its not really a priority on your to do list after the wedding. How about City Hall? I know you probably imagining an old, boring office building, well maybe some of them are, but have you considered a San Francisco City Hall? San Francisco City Hall offers an elegant setting, perfect for small and big parties. The beautiful Beaux-Art style architecture of City Hall makes it a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos. An abundance of high arched windows letting natural light pour in and white marble structures make it one of the most elegant wedding venues in San Francisco…and by the way If it was good enough for Marlin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio than its good enough for me…, right? I got marry there too :)

Reasons why you should consider SF City Hall for your wedding venue:

# 1. Location, location, location. San Francisco City Hall is an elegant, spacious and affordable venue with great natural lighting which equals beautiful photos…if you hire a professional photographer :) What if it rains? Not all weddings happen on a sunny days. You don’t have to worry about the weather, because ceremonies are held indoors and one of the best photo locations are inside anyways.

#2 Cost Effective. The ceremony performed at Rotunda (top of the Grand Staircase) cost only $76 + $103 for a wedding license. Just a heads up, a lot of people decides to get married over there, sometimes 3 ceremonies every 30 min so it can get busy. If you want to splurge a little, or give yourself more privacy during a ceremony you can rent a Fourth Floor for a $1,002 per hour. For an additional fee you can rent some chairs, maybe even hire an violinist or a guitar player, but no other decorations are needed.

How soon can you get married at San Francisco City Hall? Ceremonies are performed Monday through Friday from 10am to 3:30pm. If you are flexible you can get married as soon as next week, but if you are planning to make your elopement a weekend thing than book your ceremony few weeks in advance because Friday reservations fill up quickly. City Hall do not accept ceremony reservations beyond 90 days in advance, unless you are reserving a privet space (4th Floor or Mayor’s Balcony) then you can book the ceremony a year in advance.

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