Straus Home Ranch Wedding, Marshall CA

I love wedding fusions and when people bring the wedding traditions from different countries together. Sometimes it might be as big as doing two different ceremonies, or doing a tea ceremony in a morning and have mariachi playing at your reception, but sometimes it might be smaller things.

Well the traditions that Hannah and John picked were just perfect.

Since Hannah’s family is from Norway, couple decided to replace a regular wedding cake with a traditional 18 layer Norwegian tower cake called Kransekake. 

Instead of cake cutting couple picks up the top ring and breaks it together.

The rest of the cake is broken into pieces and served to everyone.

The other tradition comes from the groom’s Swedish side. During the reception when the bride leaves the room all men line up to kiss the groom. And when the groom leaves the room all women get up and kiss the the bride. That part was so much fun! Everyone running to bride or groom to get their kiss before their spouse comes back, but women weren’t to sneaky because they left bunch a lipstick marks all over John’s face which looked priceless.

When Hannah and Jon told me that they are getting married at Straus Home Ranch I was very happy to revisit the venue, because I photographed there a very intimate wedding few years ago. This time the wedding was supposed to be much bigger and to accommodate weddings this size owner converted an old red barn to a reception hall. 

Seeing the previous condition of that barn I have to say I was quite skeptical, but oh may I was surprised. Check it out for your self!





Eloping to San Francisco City Hall

Most couples getting married at san Francisco City Hall have an intimate weddings in company of around 6 guests, but a lot of couples decides to elope and celebrate their wedding day only with their better half :)

Do you know what is the best in eloping like that?

You can go ahead a celebrate your marriage however you like. 

Do you want do go and have some hot dogs after the ceremony? Why not! 

Do you want to go to the beach and pop some champagne? Why not!

Shaun and Shea did all that and much more…

Tips for couples who are planning to elope:

  1. Buy your future husband’s tie clip with engraved GPS coordinates of the wedding venue in case he gets lost (see photo below)
  2. Brides, since you will not have a whole entourage to help you holding your things, make sure your wedding dress has pockets!

Shawn and Shea, you nailed your elopement. Congratulations!

How to get married in California, San Francisco city hall wedding
How to get married in California, San Francisco city hall wedding

Simply Elegant San Francisco Wedding, Flood Mansion

I met Reilly and Brandt on the day of their wedding reception at Flood Mansion, San Francisco. They recently came back from Ireland where they eloped and were so excited to celebrate with their family and friends.

Reilly looked stunning in her dress, with simple up-due hairstyle looked like she just walked out of a fashion photo shoot. Brandt looked great too LOL. 

They were so casual, calm and fun in the same time, it definitely didn’t felt like a wedding. After brief photos of the venue and decor we proceed with photos of the couple while we still had a most of the venue to ourself. Flood Mansion offers so many photo opportunities, starting with outdoor courtyard surrounded by elaborate expression of Classical Revival architecture, rooms filled with art and beautiful natural light, and last but not least the balcony over looking Marina District with Golden Gate in a background. 

Engagement session at Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

A lot of couples ask me “Where is a good place to take engagement photos?

There are ton of locations in San Francisco Bay Area that would fit the description of a beautiful place for the photo session, but which one should you choose? Let’s go to the place that has a meaning to you, a type of place that you enjoy spending the time, or really interests you. Beach or trail where you like to hike, or maybe a place where he/she proposed.

Ebru and AJ share a passion for skateboards and knew they would love to incorporate that into the photo session, but after moving in together and starting to improve their nest with new landscape they discovered their new love for gardening! We wanted to start the session at place full of interesting plants and colors and Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco offered all that.

Photography Session at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Look at these two! So cute and in love. You would think it’s an engagement session… but not at all. These two are seasoned husband and wife and I know, because I photographed their wedding years ago. Life through them all the way to DC, but that didn’t took California out of them, so for their wedding anniversary they decided to celebrate with visit at their beloved city of San Francisco and a photo session to capture it :)


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